Angela Merkel: 4 more months with the epidemic!

Following the increasing cases in the coronavirus epidemic in Germany, the measures were tightened. Angela Merkel: 4 more months with the epidemic!

4 more months with the epidemic!

“We will definitely have to live with the epidemic for the next 4 months,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference on the measures taken against the corona virus epidemic.

Merkel likened the corona virus epidemic to the natural disaster experienced once in a century, “I have long thought about whether there is a softer way, but there is no. We must be aware of the epidemic and live with it. The measures we take affect every citizen,” he said.

4 more months with the epidemic
4 more months with the epidemic


Stating that they expect the epidemic to get stronger as the weather gets colder, Merkel said, “The number of infections has increased 5 times since mid-October. We are facing an acute situation. For this, we need to take urgent measures. Today, people infected with the virus 14 days ago lie in intensive care units. Even with the current number of infections, contact chains can no longer be traced. In an estimated three quarters of cases, the source of the infection can no longer be determined. “Health officials are calculating that there are more people who are infected and roaming around without warning, as they can no longer follow the contact.”

Prime Minister Merkel said, “Today, if 50 new cases are reached within 7 days in a settlement with a population of 100,000 across Germany, those regions are declared risky. Unfortunately, the number of 50 new cases increased to 127. With the measures we have taken, we aim to return to the 50’s. “We went to restrictions because it was not enough to comply with cleaning, mask and distance rules.”


Stating that the virus will punish those who do not follow the rules, Merkel said, “Reduce contacts as much as possible. If you can do your work from home, do not go to his office and avoid unnecessary travel. Postpone meeting with your relatives and friends. Do not get together more than two families. Whether we are successful against the epidemic depends on whether the rules are followed or not. We need to be patient with the new sanctions that will take four weeks. However, economic life should continue to a great extent and schools and kindergartens should be the last places to be closed. We will not leave businesses damaged by the measures we have taken alone. If we want a more comfortable December, we will be doing ourselves and our relatives a favor by following the rules. Our goal is to reduce the case rate by 75 percent, “he said.

Stating that unlike the spring, the health sector is more experienced in combating the epidemic, Merkel explained that the test results were concluded in a short time and vaccines will be on the market in the near future. “Angela Merkel: 4 more months with the epidemic!” we came to the end of the content named. Stay tuned for more, stay healthy!

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