A Study Reveals Why Coronavirus Is Not Seen in Children

A Study Reveals Why Coronavirus Is Not Seen in Children. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been stated that those with chronic diseases and the elderly are in the high risk group. Scientists have revealed why elderly people have a higher risk than children in a study they conducted.

A Study Reveals Why Coronavirus Is Not Seen in Children

Studies on the coronavirus , which has killed more than 1.3 million people worldwide , enable scientists to understand the virus much better. In a new study, it has been revealed why the virus affects adults and the elderly more than children.

According to researchers from Vanderbilt University, children have a very low level of receptor protein required for the coronavirus to attack airway epithelial cells in the lungs . According to scientists, blocking this protein can protect older people from COVID-19.

Why COVID-19 turns out to be more deadly in adults

masked child boy wearing mask Coronavirus

Co-author of the study, Jennifer Sucre, said that their research gave a biologically logical explanation for why babies and children in particular are less likely to become infected or show mild symptoms . Sucre said his research focused on lung development and how children’s lungs differ from adults.

In their work, the researchers used a technique they call monocellular RNA sequencing . Studies on mice tracked the expression of genes involved in the body’s responses to COVID-19. In addition, lung samples taken from donors of different age groups were also analyzed.

As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the expression of TMPRSS2, which is a cellular protein and enables proteins to dissolve in cell membranes by cutting the sharp ends, follows a similar path to that of mice . It has also been observed that TMPRSS2 is abundant in both the elderly of humans and mice. Researchers stated that drugs that block TMPRSS2, which are currently used for prostate cancer, are being subjected to clinical tests as potential COVID-19 treatments .

Sucre, “as well as for the treatment for exposure to Covidien tmprss2’n-19 to protect the people in the high risk group can be an effective target , we think,” he said. Studies conducted by scientists around the world also show that we may have multiple vaccines and drugs against COVID-19.

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