Bill Gates compares those who don’t wear masks to nudists

Making new statements about the use of masks, Bill Gates stated that he could not make sense to those who refuse to use masks, while he compared those who do not wear masks to nudists.

Bill Gates , the founder of Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world , made new statements about the COVID-19 pandemic that continues with all its violence and reproached those who do not follow the rule of wearing a mask.

Gates, the first guest of the podcast program hosted by Rashida Jones, once again underlined that the most effective measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is to wear a mask .

Bill Gates: Wearing a mask is as natural as wearing clothes

bill gates

Stating that the scientific studies conducted on the epidemic prove that the use of masks reduces the risk of infection and is vital, Gates said that some people do not make sense to persistently oppose wearing masks .

“People are told to wear trousers and everybody obeys this rule,” said Gates, stating that wearing a mask is as natural as wearing clothes during the epidemic period, and made the analogy of “nudist” for those who do not wear a mask. (Nudism is a trend in which people refuse to dress without any sexual meaning and walk naked in identical with nature under suitable climatic conditions.)

Bill Gates spares additional $ 70 million in COVID-19 vaccine studies

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Meanwhile, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, one of the most mentioned names in conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, recently announced that they will provide $ 70 million in additional funding for COVID-19 vaccine development studies . .

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will allocate $ 50 million of the additional fund to the COVAX Enhanced Market Commitment (AMC) and $ 20 million to the Coalition for Outbreak Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Among the companies that the foundation has invested in so far is BioNTech , whose founders include Turkish scientists and recently announced that they have developed a 90 percent effective vaccine against COVID-19.

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