EA Will Pay 500 Thousand Euros Every Week

In 2018, the Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA)   examined 10 video games . Examining ‘loot’ boxes in video games, the institution concluded that four out of ten games violated the country’s gambling laws. The institution did not reveal which games these were in 2018.

EA Will Pay 500 Thousand Euros Every Week

The Netherlands Gambling Authority announced in a statement at that time that they would make sanctions if the necessary changes were not made until June 20   . In a new statement published by the institution the other day, he  explained that most of the companies mentioned made the necessary changes, but  Electronic Arts did not.


In its statement shared the other day, the institution  also announced the penalty to be given to  Electronic Arts.  Electronic Arts, which is in trouble with loot boxes in FIFA 19, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21  ,  will have to pay 500,000 euros for each week without changes to their games  . The penalty will be a  maximum of 10 million euros.

FIFA allows its players to  purchase Ultimate Team packs for real money  . Thanks to these packages, players have random rewards that can gain an advantage over their opponents. However, for Electronic Arts to do this, it first  had to obtain the relevant authorization from the Netherlands.

EA Will Pay 500 Thousand Euros Every Week
EA Will Pay 500 Thousand Euros Every Week

Dirk Scholing , Electronic Arts’ Benelux Manager  , said in a statement that they regret this decision. “For years, players around the world have had fun with FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team mode. “ We are sorry about what this decision and decision mean for our Dutch community ”.

Dirk Scholing explains: “ Electronic Arts is deeply committed to positive play. We strive to bring choice, fairness, value and fun to all our players in all our games. We are open to discussions with the Netherlands Gambling Authority and other stakeholders to understand and discover solutions that will address any concerns. ” he added.

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