eFootball PES 2021 Review

eFootball PES 2021 Review: I do not know why the PES series games, but we cannot give up. Although we continued this PES adventure that I started with PES 2013 when I was little, as PES 2021, there have been many changes. The content I have compiled for you today is the eFootball PES 2021 review. Let’s go directly to the content without making you wait.

eFootball PES 2021 Review

We all love the PES series, but there will be no PES game this year. Konami has just released the update, bypassing this year. He explained this very simply and honestly: To do better for new generations …

Yes! Konami is introducing a new update in 2021 with the arrival of new generation game consoles. Konami, who passed this year with an update, is postponing his hopes to the next period. Konami decided to replace the FOX Engine game engine that it has built over the years. With this decision, eFootball appeared before the players with the update called PES 2021. So what’s the difference in this update? How is this update different?

Konami made the most valuable change with PES 2020 the previous year. With the brand new camera angle, fantastic dribbling mechanics and the improved Master League experience, it was easy to transition from PES 2020 to 2021 with the trend effort for eSports. With this update, you might think what differences are there. You can start with team updates if you wish. Uniforms and teams were updated and presented to the players, but Konami did not stop with them.

eFootball PES 2021 Review
eFootball PES 2021 Review

Compared to PES 2020, the pace of PES 2021 has dropped a little more. While the game face was slower, it got a little closer to the real football experience. It is obvious that mainly in recent years the PES franchise has moved closer to soccer simulation. However, FIFA continues with its Arcade type features. Thus, sports fans are also divided into two.

With PES 2021, there are also some updates against artificial intelligence. With the matches you played against artificial intelligence, you may have a little difficulty compared to last year. Better games emerge with organizational attacks. With the players being more sensitive, they have a more natural appearance. Soccer ball is heavier than last year’s game PES 2020; When you shoot, your enjoyment is even better. However, although the improvements of the game are not much, improvements have been made in certain areas.

Yes, we told you all the changes. The changes are up to here for now. Although the menus, player screens, team promotions, modes and licensing issues are identical to last year, there are more changes in the field that we have just mentioned. For this reason, it is possible to say that PES 2021 is a polished PES 2020. For this reason, Konami could sell this game as a new PES game, which we have seen a lot of this kind of behavior on the FIFA side. Konami did not release it as a new game in order to give players a better game. I think the general reason for this is the COVID-19 process.

eFootball PES 2021 Review

eFootball PES 2021 Review: Result

As a result, it is possible to say that eFootball does not make a big difference from last year for PES 2021. While the fun of the game is increased with small updates, it can also be interpreted as a stop for those who are bored with the FIFA series with its identity acting in the form of a football simulation. The fact that the repeat price is more affordable than FIFA 21 provides an advantage. Obviously, we are very curious about PES 2022, which Konami was preparing for. We hope that it is worth it to declare a sacrifice period for Beşiktaş.

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