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Greetings from the PATR. Fractured is considering a tough entry into the MMORPG world. Developed by Dynamight Studios, still continuing its alpha phase, Fractured introduces itself to players with assertive explanations and benchmarks. Working with a team of 8-10 people in Milan, Italy, Dynamight Studios made the first announcement of Fractured in 2017. This project, which has supported over 100,000 euros in Kickstarter, focuses on alpha tests at certain periods of the year after the last 3 years.

Fractured Preview Start

Fractured Preview
Fractured Preview

Fractured Preview

Fractured Preview: 3 Different Races, 3 Different Game Understanding

Unlike many MMORPG games, the race you choose with Fractured will directly affect your progress, understanding of the game, the world you are in and your needs. The race you choose will make the game mechanics different for you. Your communication with other in-game players will also be affected by this choice.

The “Human” race represents completely free will. On the planet Syndesia, you can play a good or a bad role, be a cruel warrior or a responsible ruler. You must remember that you will be part of feudal rule and you may have to give account to others at the end of your path.

The “Beastmen” race reflects a peaceful life. This breed, which is more like plants, has superhuman characteristics and is connected with nature. If you want a simple life in peace and you only follow the path of protecting your living space, Beastmen will offer you a sense of play with its defense and holding on to life skills.

The “Demons” race, on the other hand, is of course a race identified with blood and horror. This race, which will be more satisfied by the players who have a strong desire for war and hunting, Demons who have been driven to a cursed planet, feel the evil in them naturally.

Fractured Preview: Game Economy

The economy of the game is classified in the fields of production (crafting), trade, farming, shepherding, mining, forestry and hunting. The developers of the game also have a very ambitious question for production: “Isn’t it absurd to get a sword from a mouse corpse?” With this implied question, they both criticize the “loot” system of their competitors and state that the “loot” system will be equipped with materials that will feed the production. Materials obtained through farming, shepherding, mining, forestry and hunting will feed production. The products produced will also be distributed through trade and feed the system. Of course, our map covers the whole of Myr and the success of the trade is primarily related to the safe delivery of the products.

Farming and herding are additionally important because first-degree living needs will be met this way. It is predicted that the demand for the products of the farmer and the shepherd will be high. Fractured system is also being built in this direction.

Fractured Preview
Fractured Preview

Fractured Preview: Take Action Now

Another issue that Fractured is ambitious about is that players can get into the game without much effort. While explaining this, the developers criticizing other MMORPGs think that it is unnecessary for Fractured players to spend 80 boring hours to get into the game! The game is designed accordingly.

As you enter the game, you are enabled to come to the fore with your game knowledge and skill instead of tiring your skill points. You will have missions according to the race you choose and you will not have to “grind” day and night. Instead, “Knowledge”, ie in-game knowledge comes and you will stand out with your intelligence regardless of the time you spend in the game. It looks like there will be a free game environment where you will play your “roleplay”.

Fractured Preview: Game Dynamics

Fractured says the player can gain more than 400 character abilities for now. Of course, players need to learn skills such as aiming, shooting and striking in-game. In addition, you will be able to make the environmental conditions a part of your battle. How? If your character has the skills to freeze and defrost, you can freeze and cross the river if you are facing your enemy on a river bank, and you can melt the water and drown the enemy in the river water while your enemy tries it. Isn’t that great?

Myr map is our general map with all players. You can set your goal according to the races in the game, gather a team and form a clan, or you can already be part of a clan. Of course, starting a clan from scratch will be very risky at first. If you don’t have a ready team, joining another clan will be more beneficial for your adaptation to the game.

Announced on Steam as 2021 release, Fractured is on sale with early access on its own platforms. Since it is not sold on Steam, it will appear more expensive to Turkish players with a euro price, and the most suitable package of Fractured is ADEPT 24.99 €. Also, if you are a creator, you can apply for access to the alpha package and get the chance to get the game for free. Although Fractured is in the alpha stage, it will probably start early access sales in 2021 with the beta version. If you are impatient until then, you can also benefit from 10% package discounts with the “ZKMA7G” bonus code we have obtained for you. We are at the end of the Fractured preview. Take care, stay healthy!

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