Ghostrunner Review

Ghostrunner Review. There are many ninja based games on the market. Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear Rising and even Katana Zero are some of the examples that come to mind. But even among them, Ghostrunner seems committed to bringing us the story of a super fast and deadly assassin. This is a game where you run fast, slide, kill and die if you can’t do them fast enough. Sometimes you need to be really committed to the game to get ahead. This is thankfully not annoying thanks to instant respawn, save points, and most importantly, sections where you can create multiple game plans. Open up Raiden and Genji, there is a new sword-wielding cyber ninja in town now.

Ghostrunner Review

Set in a post-apocalyptic scenario with a cyberpunk theme, Ghostrunner describes what happened to a cybernetic swordsman. Our character is guided by the voice of an old man known as The Architect as he tries to remember who he is or why he feels compelled to stab someone with a sword. While Ghostrunner is caught between the so-called rulers of this fragmented world and a dying resistance, the character’s goal is to find out who he really is.

The story was predictable, but still well narrated and nicely voiced. What makes the game great is that the storytelling hardly slows down during the six to eight hours of gameplay. Ghostrunner has very well spoken dialogues and all of these dialogues are heard in the main character’s head. These dialogues cause you to either pause and listen carefully, or get you on the gas to go through various difficult and long courses, usually made up of signs.

Ghostrunner Review: Cut and Cut it into Small Pieces

Of course, you’re here for action, and if you’re looking for a game that requires lightning fast, intense reflex skills and where you kill and die with a single hit, Ghostrunner is made for you.

You have only one sword in Ghostrunner, but your speed and mobility are your strongest weapons. Ghostrunner can run on walls, slide down slopes at great speed, and can change the direction of momentum in the air by slowing down time. By using all these abilities in harmony with each other, you can satisfactorily cut your enemies in half. And you can create a great flow of action with almost no effort.

Enemies are constantly changing. One of the best things about Ghostrunner is that as your skills and abilities grow, your enemies continue to evolve in the same direction. Just as I got used to dodging the bullets of enemies using one-shot pistols, I had to deal with machine-gun soldiers who forced me to move until their bullets ran out. After getting used to dealing with them too, I learned how to deal with enemies that only have shields struck behind them.

Ghostrunner does a great job of always keeping the action alive. And it’s not just adding new enemy types. In each episode, you meet something new. Whether it’s the rails that completely change the way you transport, the time slow buff that lets you take down a group of enemies you would normally be impossible to deal with, or the shield batteries that you have to destroy to take down enemies … Ghostrunner doesn’t focus on one theme, so the pace of the fights is flawless. The struggles never repeat while moving forward.

Best of all, it offers you flexibility of each battle scenario. You can enter each match from different places and all of them have different difficulties. For example, if you go to the right, you can go a long way by dealing with an enemy with a machine gun. Or you can follow the road to the left and defeat a ninja that protects the shuriken and continue on the tracks and kill your enemies from afar. I felt rewarded for it every time I checked different routes.

Ghostrunner Review
Ghostrunner Review

Ghostrunner Review: Dust-Proof Platform Sections

Although the platform sections are much more linear, these sections also continue to benefit from diversity. Sometimes you will have to freeze an object and fix it in place as you move through or around something. Sometimes you will have to shuriken the power plates to open a door and go through it before the door closes. Often you will use your speed traversal feature to overcome difficult obstacles.

Although not as deep as the episodes of Titanfall 2, Ghostrunner’s short story contains some similar ideas. But sometimes these ideas get a little overwhelmed and just don’t fit Ghostrunner’s controls. For example, in one chapter, you collect 13 items distributed across constantly rotating objects. This area has annoying laws of physics and you can find yourself suddenly being dragged to death while trying to get somewhere.

Ghostrunner also allows you to develop and change your skills, but with a system that is somewhat interesting and striking. As you progress in the game, you automatically gain power-ups, these are in the form of tetris-like blocks. Space is limited, better upgrades take more space, so you have to choose which upgrades you want to enable. Some buffs are very good, as I love returning bullets to enemies I found myself reserving space for buffs that deflect bullets. However, while playing the game, I realized that I had to rearrange these tetris pieces in the most appropriate way, because the unused blank spaces speed up the regeneration of the power supply called “focus”.

The focus is used to reinforce one of your four special moves, each functioning differently. For example, “Blink” is used to knock down enemies with shields with a single hit and keep your momentum going. “Tempest” allows you to return shells that are extremely difficult to avoid. And with “Surge” you can shoot a sharp anime-style energy hit from your sword to eliminate multiple enemies standing in the distance. The last special move includes spoilers, but it sure gives you big advantages.

Ghostrunner’s looks and sounds are just as impressive. The game does not only look great, it continues to impress you throughout the game with amazing synthwave music.

Ghostrunner Review: Decision

With its extreme speed and skill-based gameplay, Ghostrunner is a “Speedrunner’s” game. However, this is a great FPS outside of demography. You can die hundreds of times, but the save points where you instantly respawn ensure that Ghostrunner’s tough fight and platform elements never become a chore. Also, Ghostrunner is filled with a variety of enemies, mechanics, and special powers that make you constantly change the way you approach levels. This feature made the action feel lively and fluid at all times. Even seconds after I finished this six to eight hour story, I felt ready to start the game again with the same excitement, as Mitchell Saltzman’s review.

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