How to Play Among Us?

How to Play Among Us? Among Us was launched in 2018 and has had a huge increase in popularity over the past few weeks. This led many gamers to play Innersloth’s small party game. Among US has also prompted many questions about the variety for which it is suitable and even about exactly what Among Us is. We will also learn how to play Among US, letting you understand everything you need to know.

How to Play Among Us?

How to Play Among Us?

Although playing Among Us may seem difficult at first glance, the foundation of the game is extremely easy. There are generally two types of players: Crewmate and Impostor. You can be a random person in the middle of 1-3 Impostors in your game.

The biggest difference between Among Us and other games of this genre is that you are not allowed to speak at the main game level. After the dead bodies are reported or when an Emergency Meeting is called, you can discuss who the Impostor is. Otherwise, the game creates tension and anxiety, forcing players to remain silent while completing their tasks.

How to Play Among Us?

How to Play Among Us Crewmate?

After the word How to Play Among Us, let’s move on to Crewmate. While completing most of the Crewmate game with a series of missions, you will try to find out who the Impostor is. As a member of the cluster, your goal is to either complete all missions or find out who the Impostor is and then remove them from the game. Be sure to report the corpses you find and try to control anyone who is skeptical about the corpse. If you find yourself killed by the Impostor, you can also complete missions again to help your other friends win.

As Crewmate, try to pay attention to the strange moves of other players. Someone may seem to be walking in the shadows or just trying to stay out of sight. You will also want to pay attention to the players who complete the missions. Some missions also actually have animations connected with them, and you can usually use them to see if someone is saying bragging about doing the mission. When you have an ingenious proof or have an idea of ​​who the Impostor is, bring it up at the Discussion level and try to set up your case.

How to Play Among Us?

How to Play Among Us Impostor?

Those who play Impostor must act to complete various missions around the map while killing Crewmate. If you play with more than one Impostor, you can work together and secure your interest to defeat the crew much faster. Impostor can also use the ventilation to better navigate the map. Any Crewmate who sees you knows that you are the Impostor and can hold an Emergency Meeting to vote on you.

Strictly speaking, as an Impostor, try to familiarize yourself with a variety of missions so that any random excuse you offer seems reasonable. In addition, you will want to avoid directly blaming anyone or forcing someone to blame too much. It’s okay to have one-on-one opinion with others, but instead, don’t be too accused to draw attention to yourself. Being an impostor requires practice and dexterity, and also the ability to speak genuinely nice bragging.

How to Play Among Us: Guide

How to play Among Us is close to the end of our content, it is generally played this way. The game is available on PC and portable devices, so if you’re looking for a fun party game to play with your friends, you should definitely try the game.

Here we come to the end of our content! If you want to chat with us, we welcome you to our Discord server. Take care of yourself, stay well-blasted and healthy.

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