NBA 2K21 Review

Lots of love to everyone! We are here with NBA 2K21 review, the new game of the wonderful series of basketball fans, NBA 2K series. After EA Sports failed the NBA Live series, the NBA 2K series became the classic game for basketball fans.

Using this advantage to the last drop, 2K has updated its goal this year to reach new generations instead of focusing on the current generation. Finding the 7 differences between NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20 became almost impossible and the game has changed.

NBA 2K21 Review
NBA 2K21 Review

NBA 2K21 Review

We are slowly starting our content called the NBA 2K21 review. The menu that appears when you install the game and open it for the first time is one of the best indicators of what kind of game you expect. The menu of the NBA 2K21 attracts attention with its simple design compared to the games in the 2K series that were previously released.

The menu is designed so simply that it is like the sand beige color the paint master recommended while painting. If we leave these talent aside; star name Damian Lillard It is a fact that you can quickly access any content you want with this simple design designed with magnificent visuals.

As we continue our NBA 2K21 review content at full speed, it is best to talk about the game modes first. Like every year, this year MY Team MY Career will be waiting for basketball fans in MyLeague main game modes NBA 2K21.

You can fight online or shoulder to shoulder against computers; Two-to-two, three-to-three street basketball modes Blacktop and women’s basketball league WNBA are completely included in the game modes NBA 2K21, which you can access under the Play Now menu.

If we talk about the menu design, there is no very magnificent and attractive design. NBA 2K21, which does not put an innovative design, becomes more prominent as it examines. While I was wondering if he was maintaining this sloppy behavior in his gameplay features, I decided to get into the game quickly and play a match. My doubts were unfortunately justified with my first match against the All Star Chicago Bulls with the All Star Los Angeles Lakers.

The entry ceremonies, the warm-up of the players, the fan designs and, oddly enough, the speeches of the hosts are exactly the same as the game that was released last year. I can’t help but say that the player face designs and sound effects are also identical to NBA 2K21. Maybe there is hope, there is something different in gameplay, so I started my first effort.

While I was reviewing NBA 2K21, I came across something noticeable. The first innovation I saw in 2K21 was the shooting bar. Every year, a change was made in the design of the shot bar, which changes both in terms of design and condition (such as hand alignment, underfoot).

Together with the movable notch placed on the shot meter, it now clearly specifies the range you need to stop to shoot a full shot With the change made last year, the inconsistency in the shot bar has been eliminated, and the design problem that caused you to not be able to set a timing correctly has become regular with the new version.

NBA 2K21 Review
NBA 2K21 Review

NBA 2K21 Review: Gameplay Mechanics

While I continued to review the NBA 2K21, I looked at the gameplay mechanics, but I can’t believe the only innovation is the design in the shot bar. We do not see much change in animations such as dunk dribbling, defensive postures, stealing and rebounding, especially in turnstile animations.

In this situation, there is not much difference as the overall gameplay feeling and you cannot feel that you are playing a new game. Gameplay mechanics changes, which have had positive and negative consequences for some years, do not appear this year.

It witnesses the birth of a basketball player and the biggest change in this basketball player’s My Career mode is in the “story” part. In NBA 2NK21, our character, whose name is “Junior”, is presented to the players as the son of a much loved basketball player.

As you play the game, you will be asked to choose critical areas at times. With these choices, you advance the stories in the direction of your own choices and move towards earning or losing in-game money. This is the fact that you will be entirely on risk. As the story approaches the end, an interesting choice will be on your side to find out if you are a stingy person. Let’s see, the choice is up to you.

While I was reviewing the NBA 2K21, some differences came to my mind. The biggest difference between NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 games is the new talent system and character creation options. The character creation screen in NBA 2K20 has been transferred directly to NBA 2K21 without changing the ability system. I present you the difference of these two NBA 2K games, think about it.

One of the biggest differences of these games to me is in the soundtracks of the game. The NBA 2K21 soundtrack is made up of quite adequate music that brings the soundtrack back to life, the trendy shooter and the basketball lover. I personally like this soundtrack, I recommend you listen.

Although there are not many complaints while playing the Playstation 4, especially the players who play on the PC platform complain about the errors and contact problems in the game. I did not find any game errors in the game I experienced on PS4. If we come to the subject of contact, it is possible to say that there is no random development again and the lag problems still continue.

It would not be good to mention it as there are no graphical updates. NBA 2K series holds the title of being one of the best looking games of basketball games. I personally want to see the increase in the next generation. If you are not addicted to the new generation, I recommend the NBA 2K20 game, of course it is a matter of preference.

Here we come to the end of our content called the NBA 2K21 review. Take care, stay healthy!

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