NBA 2K21 was 121 GB

NBA 2K21 was 121 GB! The size of the NBA 2K21 on the Xbox Series X has emerged, which 2K will offer to players this month. According to the information in the Xbox Series X store, the size of NBA 2K21 will be more than 121 GB.

The new consoles Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5 brought great innovations compared to the current generation, but they remained a little far from satisfying users in the storage area. Although SSD storage units reduce the loading times of the games and the duration of the transition screens considerably, the storage capacities seem to be a bit of a problem.

With the increase in resolution, especially the size of AAA games started to increase in parallel. This shows that the new generation consoles with 4K resolution support may have problems in the storage part, the first example of this seems to be NBA 2K21 .

NBA 2K21 was 121 GB
NBA 2K21 was 121 GB

NBA 2K21 was 121 GB

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the NBA 2K21’s Xbox Series X store page on their NBA2k subreddit. According to the shared screenshot, the size of NBA 2K21 is 121.7 GB . The availability of 802 GB in Xbox Series X and 364 GB of available space in Series S reveals that the problem can be very important for gamers.

Of course, this is an early version of the game. Therefore, it should be reminded that 2K can reduce the size of the game with an update to be released. Microsoft also announced that games on the Xbox Series S will be 30% smaller to save SSD storage space .

“When you look at the size of a normal game pack, most of the content uploaded to local storage is texture data,” said Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Program Management, in a statement he made, saying that developers should target 1440p. Also, according to the NBA 2K21’s Steam page, the size of the game on the PC will be 110 GB .

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