Next-Generation Xbox Consoles Help Break Records in Internet Traffic

UK-based internet service providers have announced an intense increase in internet traffic with Xbox’s next generation consoles. Companies stated that records were broken in data consumption.

Microsoft released the next generation consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the company records were broken in the sales of the new generation console. The intense demand for Xbox’s next generation consoles has also shown its effects on the internet service providers side. Updates and game downloads caused records to be broken in internet traffic.

Xbox Series X and Series S hit the UK

UK-based Virgin Media stated that they experienced the highest data consumption in their history and rose 30% above the average. According to the company’s statement, a total of 108 petabytes, that is, 20 GB of data consumption per user. Similar statements came from TalkTalk and Openreach, also operating in the UK. TalkTalk stated that they reached the highest peak in network traffic, while Openreach also explained that their network was having a hard time.

It is possible to say that internet service providers will have similar problems with the release of PlayStation 5, especially considering the first day updates. Both Microsoft and Sony have announced that the demand for their next generation consoles is at a record high. In addition, if we consider the huge sizes of the new generation games such as 150-200 GB, we can say that the players will force the services of internet service providers.

It is possible to say that internet service providers in our country will not encounter such problems due to the cost of new generation consoles and console games.

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