USA Extends Time For TikTok’s Sale

The US government has extended the deadline for China-based ByteDance’s video sharing application TikTok to sell its operations in the country by 15 days. The time granted to TikTok with the extra time will expire on 27 November 2020.

China-based video sharing app TikTok, which has been on the US government’s radar for a long time due to data breaches, will apparently continue its presence in the country for a while. According to reports, the US government has extended the deadline for the sale of TikTok, the video sharing application owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, by 15 days.

Under normal circumstances, the time given by the US government to TikTok expired on November 12. With the recognized 15-day additional period, the company will be able to continue its activities in the country until 27 November. About two months ago, the company bought part of Trump administration TikTok from Oracle Corp. and the agreement was never finalized, although it received tacit approval for the transfer agreement to Walmart Inc.

The district judge blocked the Ministry of Commerce’s decision to ban TikTok in the country:

In the past days, Wendy Beetlestone, the US District Judge, blocked the decision of the Commerce Department to ban TikTok in the country. In the announcement made following this decision, the Ministry of Commerce claimed that the court order would be complied with, but was determined to actively defend the presidential order. China-based ByteDance purchased, a social sharing app where users create and share lip-synced videos, for $ 1 billion, rebranding it as TikTok. The application, which has become a phenomenon in a short time, attracts great attention especially by adolescents in many countries.

At this point, TikTok, which is one of the most popular applications in the world with more than 100 million users in the USA, is also the most important service of roof company ByteDance outside of China. We will all see how the polemic between TikTok and the US government will take on in the future.

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